In an effort to attract more movement and activity to the downtown DeKalb area, this brand refresh for the city of DeKalb helps target visitors, consumers, business owners and university students. The art direction uses an elaborate grid system that showcases vibrant and enticing photography, but also allows for text spotlight, as well.

Visitor’s Guide
This brochure lists all restaurants, shops, entertainment hot spots and venues for visitors, along with a short description and the location for each place.

Business Owner Informational Booklet 
Among all of the necessary assets that a business would need to succeed, this guide mentions the accessible perks and advantages of what a business would have to thrive in DeKalb, Illinois.

Student Focused Deliverable
This pocket–sized accordion pamphlet includes all of the hot spots that are located in downtown DeKalb. Each panel describes a place that is most popular to students and also provides the bus routes that students could take to reach the desired destination. 


Brand Manual

Wayfinding Signs

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